Put Nina

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Put Nina


The building structure is masonry, made of block bricks with vertical and horizontal reinforcements. The basement walls are reinforced concrete. The foundations and above-ground walls are made of reinforced concrete. Partition walls are either brick or gypsum board, with a thickness of 10cm. The intermediate floor structure is a reinforced concrete slab with a thickness of 18cm. The roof is constructed as a flat non-accessible roof. Vertical circulation is provided by an internal double-flight staircase.


All exterior walls of heated spaces will be externally insulated with an “ETICS” system using expanded polystyrene (10 cm), with a final finish of decorative plaster in light tones. Interior walls of heated spaces will be plastered and painted, gypsum board walls will be smoothed and painted. All finished floor surfaces of heated spaces will be covered with ceramic tiles or parquet, depending on the purpose of the space. Ceramic tiles will be installed on all terraces and staircases. Walls of sanitary facilities will be covered with ceramic tiles up to full height, and in the kitchen, there will be a strip of tiles up to 160 cm. All floors will be constructed as “floating floors” with a focus on sound insulation.


Wooden interior doors will be installed in the rooms. The exterior joinery (doors, windows, sliding doors) will be made of high-quality PVC profiles resistant to wind impact. Glazing will be with double-glazed windows, featuring low-emissivity (Low-E) coating. Window and door protection from weather conditions will be provided by roller shutters.


The building will have plumbing, drainage, telephone, electrical, and lightning protection installations. Heating and cooling will be provided by a split-system air conditioning unit with an inverter. The building will be connected to the public water supply network. There will be a connection to the municipal sewage system. Rainwater will be directed through gutters and downspouts to the terrain around the house.


The surroundings of the plot will be enriched by planting native Mediterranean plants. The boundaries of the plot will be defined by small concrete walls, as needed